The Oyster Catcher Kitchen

We’ve been unfathomably occupied here at Bare Kitchens, making some new, completely delightful kitchens! Just as making new kitchens for customers, in the event that you come to visit us here in Norfolk, you’ll see that our showroom has totally changed, and we’ve had a great deal of new augmentations!

One of these new increments is the perfect Oyster Catcher kitchen. A minimized, conventional style kitchen that has some delightful bespoke enumerating. With shaker style entryways, square beading and an Iroko worktop, this kitchen is each conventional kitchen darling’s fantasy! This kitchen is only a beginning stage for what you can accomplish with Bare Kitchens.

We are especially enamored with this little kitchen we’ve made for our showroom due to the sweet back story that roused us to make this structure…

Here at West Raynham airbase we have many natural life encompassing us. This year, we’ve been fortunate enough to have a home of Clam Catchers ideal close to our front entryway, which have as of late incubated into 4 little chicks!

We get such a great amount of motivation from nature for our kitchen structures, so we realized we needed to take something from these fowls and move it into one of our kitchens. We settled on the lovely dark shading for our cupboards subsequent to seeing the Shellfish Catchers flying around outside the shelter, and the brilliant orange snouts motivated our decision of Iroko as the worktop timber.

A timber that develops and obscures in shading after some time, Iroko begins as a delightful shining brilliant shading and gradually obscures into a rich darker brown shading. We realize that the worktop will look wonderful as it gradually changes tones after some time, and especially like the Shellfish Catchers will turn out to be significantly progressively delightful over the long haul.

Something that we are so notable for is making kitchens that will look completely wonderful when it’s originally made, yet in addition in years to come. An immortal kitchen with an unbelievably sweet starting that will look flawless in anybody’s home.


Fiona Daisy

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