The Highgate Kitchen

We adore finding the opportunity to visit our customers homes to see their amazing Kitchens, and the Highgate was no special case to this. A mind blowing present day, modern kitchen produced using one of the most conventional and excellent materials; pecan timber. The Highgate kitchen is an excellent case of how this rich conventional timber can be utilized to make a contemporary magnum opus.

Sharp, new lines matched with our calculated handle-less detail to make a new present day room that wonderfully equalizations capacity and structure. Uncomplicated cabinetry course of action and no divider cabinetry guarantees the room stays crisp and open, which is additionally upgraded by one straightforward rack the length of the divider. Showing most loved things and other gritty embellishments on this rack additionally adds character and another measurement to the room.

Complex pecan gives this room a wonderful power that sets unbelievably with the open arrangement plan of this room. The bespoke island with an American Dark Pecan casing is an excellent component in this unbelievable room. With an incorporated hob and a wonderful marble worktop set on a mind blowing moderate casing, this island is essentially staggering.

An incorporated refrigerator, holed up behind an enormous pecan entryway adds to the smooth, moderate vibe of this room. Adjusting the gritty, rich tones of the Pecan and dim marble with the wonderful present day machines and adornments makes a new, contemporary vibe in this mind blowing room.

By utilizing a light oak for the parquet flooring, this gives a lovely difference against the rich pecan cupboards and island, guaranteeing that the room feels splendid and open. This ground surface sort is extraordinarily on pattern, and is the ideal base for this dazzling Kitchen.

Fiona Daisy

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